Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To: Achieve the Madewell Look With Your Existing Wardrobe

While thumbing through the latest Madewell catalog, I loved every piece, every outfit and styling choice. The store sums up my personal style in a nutshell: simple.classic.vintage.chic (at least that's what I strive for). Another thing occurred to me though, I had a lot of very similar pieces in my closet. It was just a matter of piecing them together to create the "madewell look". Here was my process.
 *Sidenote: Most items seen are thrifted and were less than $5, which I couldn't be more proud of.*

Start with pulling out oxford shirts, button-downs, cardigans and sweaters. Move onto bottoms. Pull out khakis, boyfriend and skinny jeans, and jean shorts. Use the catalog as a guide as you sift through your own closet.

Madewell has a big selection of silk tops with bright spring colors and patterns. In my own closet, I had collected several while thrifting (all under $5). Remember to cuff up sleeves, tie front knots and make small alterations to keep it on trend and less boxy.

Layer pieces together:
Sweaters over button-ups. Denim shirts over printed dresses.
Tuck bib necklaces under a collar too.

Don't forget the shoes.
Oxfords, Toms, Keds style (thrifted) & patent leather flats

Add on finishing touches with printed scarves,
 long pendant necklaces, 
& bib necklaces

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  1. I do think people tend to overlook what they already have in their closet. It's hard to do, but I try to "shop my closet" first and make sure I'm not repeating an item I already have when I shop.



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