Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Midweek Muse: Carey Mulligan

Midweek boosts of inspiration are always encouraged in my book, since Wednesday's aren't the pinnacle of excitement (like a much anticipated Friday). I've chosen Carey Mulligan as my muse for this week. Her classic and minimalistic style continuously catches my attention no matter where her picture is taken. And her signature pixie cut only adds to her charm. Plus, I love that she used to frequent my neighborhood cafe. I may or may not have taken a couple paparazzi-esque snapshots of her, but I'll never tell.

carey-mulligan-burberry-handbag carey-mulligan
*on set*

img-carey5_180336616164 img-carey12_180556558489
*in the pages of Vogue*

mulligan-01 carey_mulligan_2010_bifa6
*on the red carpet*

images via Just Jared, People, Vogue, sheknows


  1. She is so stunning and always has such class. Gorgeous photos!
    xo Josie

  2. Love all of them - but especially that first layered look. Love the colors.



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