Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Girly Handwriting You Have, Santa


I'll admit, I was a bit older than the average kid when I realized Santa didn't really exist. My mom kept up the shenanigans year after year without incident. My doubts began when she started to get all fancy with calligraphy written Santa response letters. Months before Christmas she took up the hobby, buying fancy pens and stationary. So imagine my dismay when Santa just so happened to write me back (wait for it) her fancy calligraphy handwriting and that same special paper.

Suddenly, Christmas wasn't as magical as it had always been, and that's exactly what she was trying to prevent. Here's to all our parents that spent every Christmas eating those cookies we left out, drinking that milk, and staying up late to put all of Santa's presents under the tree.

What lengths did your parents go to make your Christmas special? I'd love to hear some stories. :)

image from flickr

1 comment:

    My parents still haven't told me that he doesn't or have done anything that leads me to believe otherwise, it's sort of an unspoken truth. We're very christmas-sy people, if nobody says santa doesn't exist, it means he does and everybodies happy.
    Poor parents, they do go through an awful lot to keep up this whole charade



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