Monday, August 24, 2009

Keeping Busy

What's a girl to do when her boyfriend/best friend is off working on a film for a month? Well, I was hoping you could help me with that question. I'm a bit bummed from his absence, but I'm going to try to stay busy with...

1. Subway Scrabble
I'm bound and determined to be a winner, and hope is a great distraction.

2. Autumn cleaning
Pretty sure I should stop throwing clothes on the floor after I'm done wearing them for the day. Lots of days=no floorspace and a cluttered closet.

3. Read unfinished books.
As much as I hate having a half read book on my nightstand, I hate not loving the book I'm reading a lot more. Several people recommended Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), but the main character is irritating, the satire is lost on me, and I keep waiting for something to perk my interest. I'd much rather read The Lovely Bones for the 3rd time...yup sounds like a plan.

4. D.I.Y Necklace
I've had this idea for a necklace for a while, but I haven't got the ball rolling yet. It's time to be crafty.

Any suggestions to help me pass the time?


  1. Shopping, dinner & drinks with girlfriends!

  2. Whenever Zane's gone on business, I do like to plan out dinner dates with friends so I'm never home alone for dinner. But also, projects always help me pass the time. So yeah - start that awesome new necklace!

  3. I'm sorry that you're feeling lonesome. Perhaps you could try:

    1) Creating a list of all of the wonderful things you'll do together once he returns.

    2) Cook a comfort meal for yourself.

    3) Spend the day in pajamas surrounded with nothing but guilty pleasure glossy magazines.

  4. I hate never finishing the books I read, especially considering I get so excited when I buy them! I love watching all the new movie trailers on Hours of fun!

  5. Wish I had your organizational skills and energy! Unfinished books are not good, completing projects makes you feel centered and accomplished.

  6. Hi hi. Thanks for popping by my bloggie. My recommendation is what I'm currently doing while the sir is away... listening to Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto. I promise it will make you smile and maybe even waltz around a bit. I know it's keeping me giddy through this cooooold rainy day.

  7. Wally Lamb might be your kind of author if you like The Lovely Bones. Or crochet a necklace.



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