Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Look Below

There's a certain feeling you get when looking out onto an entire city. It's hard to believe that thousands of people are going about their lives down below. It allows you to slow down and really think about where you are in your life. A mix of feelings cross your mind. You may feel big while looking down on the city, but in the whole scheme of things, you are one in ...9,862,049.

Tank and Necklace found @
L.A Fashion District last week
Cuff Shorts from Express
Mae and J Studded Messenger Style Bag

Griffith Park and Observatory was a nice little getaway from my normal routine in the Valley. We are loving that area so much, in fact, it might end up being on the top of our list when our lease is up in a few months. Dr. Seuss said it best... "Oh the places you will go."

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  1. Wow, this post scares me a bit since my daughter & I will be adding to the population in Aug. 2010. I might need to contact you closer to time for advice since it's going to be a big change from Mpls!! Any tips on finding a safe, small, & cheap apartment??



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