Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping Success or Failure

Come along with me as I share my shopping visit at Zara yesterday. Find out if it was a success or a failure!

Pros: The floral print in this dress caught my eye. It reminded me of another dress I let slip through my fingers on a previous visit, and now I have major regrets on not getting it. I call it non-buyers remorse.
Cons: This dress didn't live up to the other one. The black strip along the neckline bugged me because of the color, and it puckered because of some mess-up in manufacturing.
Decision: Not for me.

Pros: Loved the exposed zipper along the bust, the draping, the simplicity.
Cons: Not the most versatile piece. If I'm going to buy more black I should be able to wear it to work too. Wasn't crazy about it.
Decision: No go. It would be better suited for a club girl, and I'm not her.

Pros: Who doesn't love a nice boyfriend jacket? The jersey knit material got my attention right away. I can use it for work and play. They had it in my size.
Cons: The price.
Decision: Decided to pass, but will keep my eye on it. It might be another non-buyers remorse, but it's a trend that I don't see going away any time soon. This isn't the last time I'll see something similar.

Overall this shopping visit wasn't a success, but sometimes that's the way it goes. You win some and lose some, but it's always a blast attempting to find a must have piece to add to your closet. Wish me luck for next time.

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  1. I have to say the black dress looks HOT on you but I wouldn't have any place to wear it either. How fun, taking us shopping. My friends and I do that all the time...ahhh technology!



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