Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Perhaps lounge wear doesn't give off the most fashionable vibe, but it sure does keep you comfy and cozy. After a long day at work and a chilly night to follow, that's exactly what I want and need. My current routine goes something like this...
a) Arrive home.
b) Put the heater on because I'm a wuss with cold weather.
c) Get my "comfy clothes" on.

Here's some items that I could easily add into my "comfy clothes" designated drawer.


1. No Place Like Home Tee @ $28
2. BDG Cozy Pullover @ $38
3. Love in Paris Pajama Set @$12.80
4. Blue Free City Sweatpants @ $148
5. Live & Love Boyfriend Hoodie @ $176

Ahhh. 6pm can't come soon enough. Who's with me?


  1. aah lounging clothes! love em! i could LIVE in them!

  2. totally agree! i am exactly the same way. i am obsessed with j.crew flannel pajama bottoms though. but i can't help but feel a bit at odds with paying close to $150 for sweatpants something about that just doesn't seem right. xx

  3. The MOMENT I walk in the door I put on my comfys and then keep em on even if I have to run to the store or something. Is that horribly mary kate olsen of me? Luckily most of my lounging attire is ok for public view ha.

  4. Those all look so super comfy! I love VS sweat pants, those are my best friends.



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