Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Talk TV

So on last nights Jon & Kate Plus 8 season premiere I came to the realization that....

1. Kate has changed for the better.

In one scene, she couldn't stop laughing about the bugs all over the place. I had never seen her laugh that hard. I thought she was going to flip out and be all anal, like we are used to. I have to admit, I like her and respect her a lot more now. She's a strong woman, and I like that the show didn't depict her in her old way---as a knit-picking, high strung mother and wife. Should I start making my Team Kate shirt now or see how episode 2 goes?

2. Jon is too laid back.
Show some emotion man! If you are mad, disappointed, over the whole show, let us know that! No wonder the couple doesn't know where they stand, he has no communication skills and doesn't seem to want to help the situation. You can't improve something, if you aren't willing to work on it.

I remember watching this show from the beginning and thinking, "they are polar opposites, but they make it work." I'm not so sure they can anymore, although I am hoping for it. That hope and that curiosity is going to mean ratings gold for TLC....so congrats, you've got me hook, line, and sinker (along with 9.8 million other people last night).

You may have a winner with this one, but Cake Boss...seriously? That one is awful. Get the main dude an acting coach, cause it's too scripted for his skills-or lack thereof. Those editors have their hands full (of rotten clips).

Reminder: Tori and Dean premiers tonight :)

What are your thoughts? What shows are you loving right now?

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