Monday, May 18, 2009

Day Off Bliss

There's nothing better than a day off from work, and although I don't get Saturdays and Sundays off like most of you, Mondays and Wednesdays serve the purpose just fine. Although, I must admit, I'm really disappointed that I don't get to browse the LA area flea markets on Sundays....(reason #469 to put my two weeks in).

For my day off, the boyfriend and I ventured to Vitello's Express for a Greek salad fix, seriously I was craving one...BAD. Who craves salad?!

My boyfriend drove up and down Ventura Boulevard til we came upon a place that would have one. A+ for him.

We parked and noticed a frozen yogurt and candy store by the name of SweetHarts in the adjoining parking lot, and if i hadn't already gotten my frozen yogurt fix the night before I would have walked right on in. Besides, the Greek salad was calling my name.

It wasn't until Melissa Joan Hart walked right by our table that we made the connection that SweetHarts was hers.

On Saturday May 30th from 2-5,they are having their grand opening, which equates to a free frozen yogurt for all who attend. You should go!

I'll be working...story of my life.

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