Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Look Can Dye

I saw this picture of Drew yesterday and could not believe my eyes. OUCH, I'm not sure anyone can pull this off...maybe a member of an 80's hair band.


If you want this look. You are crazy.

Here you go, if you dare. If you want the leggings, you might not want to pair them with a black glove, tie dye bandeau, see-through tee, retro aviators, and hideous shoes.

A day later, Drew decided to class it up a bit. Check out Fabi's post @ The Style Rules.


  1. haha you're funny! this was a terrrible look for her though. thanks for the link :) hope life at bloomie's isnt too terrible.. ive been meaning to stop by and return something! when do you work next week?

  2. my days off are monday and wednesday.



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