Monday, May 31, 2010

Happiest Place on Earth

Summer used to mean long trips to visit my grandparents in Orlando. A couple days were spent at Disney World getting up the guts to jump on Space Mountain and riding Thunder Mountain more times than I could count. At night, I could be found propped up in the middle of their king-sized bed watching television with my dessert of choice, an ice cream drumstick. (Boy, was life hard then.) Funny how times flies, but summer still has the same fun appeal now even without being spoiled. Disney World is hard to come by, but here's a few things that summertime is sure to bring.

Millennium Park Ice Cream Truck
Ice cream truck decisions.
push-up pop or ice cream sandwich

Mania de Havaianas
any excuse to throw on some flip flops

sweet iced tea in a mason jar
Sweet tea brewed in the sun

Bocce ball in the park or on the beach

(all images via flickr. click image for details.)


  1. Love bocce ball! It always bocce, cornhole, or some other game the boys can take too seriously at our family picnics lol.

  2. Great post about wonderful summer :)

  3. Definitely the pushpop. Preferably chocolate. I'm completely in love with this post, doll!
    xxoo Josie

  4. Ahh! This has me so excited for summer!

  5. We live in Orlando and generally only go to Disney at night during the hot months of summer. October - April are the best times there for us! :)



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