Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cross Your Heart

While taking a stroll to a neighborhood restaurant last night, it came to my attention that I've been walking out the door with this bag every single day this past week. There's something special about the simplicity of throwing on a lightweight cross-body holding only my true necessities. It's a nice change from an oversized hobo that easily becomes a clutter magnet, not to mention a shoulder ache waiting to happen. With tons of different crossbody styles, it wouldn't hurt to see what other options there are on the market.

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

all via Urban Outfitters:
Adjustable cross-body bag by Kimchi Blue @ $38
Bucket bag by Kimchi Blue @ $58 (also in red)
Malababa pouch purse @ $198
Deux Lux "beauty pink" bag @ $48


  1. Always a lot of good inspiration on your blog :) thanks for your lovely comment! remember to follow us for more updates!

    Margaux from BoRO

  2. LOVE the green purse. I might be checking out Urban today lol. Nice finds!!


  3. I love that green bag! I really must start using something smaller -- you're totally right; big bags are absolute clutter magnets.
    xxoo Josie



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