Monday, March 29, 2010

Caution: Wet Paint

Ch. 1, The Adventure of Decorating, from How to Decorate Without Going Broke (Woman Alive, 1974)

This week brings a few decorating challenges. Our apartment isn't the easiest palette to work with, and often has me questioning the builder's logic. For starters, we have a fireplace that sits offset to the left, which makes it hard to create a focal point on the main wall. Plus, the living and dining space appear to be one big room with no clear transition. No wonder we started with the bedroom first. Specific paint colors for our living room and dining nook are still up in the air, but we've decided neutral tones is the direction we want to go. Stark white walls will soon be gone, ushering in a cozy vibe. Despite all the little quirks, progress is in the air...oh wait, that might be paint fumes.

(image via flickr)

Bring on the paint color suggestions, if you've got any.


  1. Love that photo! I'm a huge fan of light blues, pale yellows, and sage greens for rooms -- pretty and peaceful. Good luck!
    xxoo Josie

  2. To answer your question- the bag is thrifted from Savers. It's my new $6 prized possession. Gotta love a thrift store.

    I painted my house 2 years ago. We went with punchy yet washed out colors. Think sky blue, orange sorbet or mint green, except with the saturation turned very down. I'd like to say pastels, but they're not Easter, they're more beach. They add color without taking over the room. Good luck!

  3. Good luck!!! Thanks for coming by and leaving a sweet comment! :) XXX



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