Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Bundle of Joy

Sorry for the lack of a Monday post, but it's been a busy past few days. I'm the proud new mother of an iPhone 3GS, and couldn't be happier, especially now that the whole "waiting in line at 3 in the morning on a release day" thing is over. Yeah... apparently we are that couple. Trust me, though. We were the normal ones.

Only Los Angeles would provide the characters we encountered in that line. First in line was a...(wait while I try to refrain from name calling) ego crazed adult film producer who could not stop name dropping for the life of him. Next up were the emo kids, then sprinkle in a dude who thinks he knows everything about, well, everything, and you've got the picture of what those 4 hours were like. Luckily, I tried to drown out the mind numbing conversations by reading InStyle.


I'm still learning my new toy's capabilities and luckily I have my very own Apple-geek ...I mean expert boyfriend... to help and guide me through this new techy stage. Hopefully this means more pics and possible videos for the blog, especially while I'm out and about. It might also mean a possible twitter account. I'm still debating.

Should I or shouldn't I? Help me decide!


  1. oh god I would have lost my mind if I had to wait in that line!!! ....such a great photo :)

  2. hahaha...that sounds like our experience when we were in LA last August and waited in line @ Pink's for dogs at 10pm!!

    Definitely do the twitter thing...I LOVE it and will follow you for sure ;o)



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