Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out and About: The Japanese Garden

Yesterday, a coworker was discussing her wedding. Someone asked where it was, and she replied "the Japanese Garden over in Van Nuys." After several "oh's" and "awww's," she discussed how her ceremony was held in the Tea House. I immediately knew I had to check this place out, especially because my boyfriend and I are thinking ahead to our future wedding :)

The Japanese Garden proved to be a nice little getaway. It's amazing that this place exists at all, especially being right in the middle of the Valley. Check out the video of the tea house.


Photos and video provided by my iPhone.

The garden has pretty strict rules. It would have been a bit more enjoyable if you could sit for a bit or have a small picnic, but the "no food or drink" and "stay on the paths at all times" rules ruined any future plans of that. I'm also not going to sugar coat this following point. Some areas have a very distinct smell. Whoever was in charge of putting it next to a water reclamation plant was not too bright. It was very tranquil, and a nice little visit. However, we'll continue our search for a wedding location that fits us much much better.

I would truly love any suggestions.


  1. What a perfect garden to have a wedding. So beautiful! Oh, I live in the LA area too. :)

  2. I've never seen this place either! crazy!

  3. it's gorgeous! You'll find the perfect place.



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