Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out and About: Tujunga Village

Living in this city is great for many reasons, but my favorite is that I am constantly finding new places that I love. I guess that goes right along with living in any new place, right? By "new places" I don't just mean a shop or restaurant. I'm referring to these quaint neighborhoods hidden in between busy streets. Out and about the other day, my boyfriend and I came upon one by the name of Tujunga Village.


It's a one block stretch of vintage stores, little shops, and cafe's tucked in between adorable houses just like this one. The houses had the most amazing flowers. I was tempted to pick a lot of them, but refrained out of the fear of being caught. I could have collected a great bouquet.


Before walking the neighborhood, this served as the setting for our lunch date. I ordered a Humble Salad (the name was better than the dish). The picture shows a much more delicious choice, the grilled chicken sandwich with pesto and sun dried tomatoes. Do you think there's a disorder for constantly wanting what the other person at your table is eating? Cause I have envy.


I know there's tons of little gems like this one, it's only a matter of time before I come across another...I'd love any suggestions!

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  1. I have eaten at Caioti as well. Some of the pizzas are delicious! And I really like the salad with the beets, candied nuts and cheese. You should try Aroma Cafe on that same little street! I LOVE Tujunga Village!! my husband and I go there often! It's sooo cute! I adore it! I am acutally headed over there now! Our favorite thing to eat at Aroma is the "See's" Chocolate cake and the bread pudding. I drink the chai latte, pineapple green tea, or white chocolate mocha. I love the food at Aroma too! I usually get one of the salads and they are amazing! I love finding gems and this sure is one of them!



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