Thursday, June 18, 2009

Romper? Yes Please.

Okay, so I've joined the romper bandwagon. I love shorts. I adore summer dresses. Combine the two together, and you can't go wrong in my eyes, especially in warmer weather. is one of my new go-to sites for shopping, and their selection of rompers goes way beyond my two picks.


Golden Curry Romper @ $32.00
Black Ruffle Romper @ $45.00
Both @

If you were concerned though, I'm not ever going to be seen in a jumpsuit. They remind me too much of long johns. Publicly presentable pajamas....hmmm...maybe I should rethink my decision.

Well...this one isn't so bad.
Aryn K Jumpsuit @$88 @

but NEVER this one! Wowzer, what a print...
Ugly Jumpsuit @ $52 @

Who's up for the ruffle and printed jumpsuit? I know there's someone out there buying it, and I want to know who it is!

1 comment:

  1. I think they're cute ...but only if they don't ride up or look like they're from a 5 yr old's closet Nice picks. Happy Weekend!



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