Thursday, June 4, 2009

Out and About: Magic Mountain

Today, the boyfriend and I made our first visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain. It will be one of many trips, now that we have season passes. That place did not disappoint one bit, especially the insane X2 roller coaster. It was, by far, the best ride I have ever been on!

Seriously! Your individual seat moves forward and backward 360 degrees, all while you are following a track of loops and turns. You have speakers on your headrest, flames shooting out of the ground, it's nuts! Not to sound like an Apple campaign, but "this is the future" of rides as we know it!

This video gives you a gist of how the ride works. (Cut to 50 seconds in)

My plan was to include some pics during the day, but we were having too much fun to get some good shots. Besides, do you really want photos of me with a head rush and crazy hair after a roller-coaster or drenched after that water rafting ride? No...I think not. Although, that would be pretty hilarious.

Hmmm...maybe next time people.

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