Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Are What You Eat

This past week, I finally got around to watching Food Inc., and it gave me a wake-up call and boost to start paying more attention to the things I'm eating. While incorporating more organic foods, my time in the kitchen has skyrocketed and the minutes spent in the drive thru have become pretty obsolete (subtract that one trip to In-N-Out). Kitchen accessories like these, will no doubt, bring a traditional twist to my time in front of the stove. Betty Crocker, watch out.


All items from Anthropologie:
Silverware Dishtowel in Fork and Spoon
Stackable Blooms Measuring Cups
Cupcake Apron, Recipe Book
Mugs in Spearmint & Cabbage


  1. I can't help myself around beautiful kitchen items - it makes cooking so much more fun!

    Speaking of which, did you have a chance to enter my giveaway? It's for a set of Thomas Paul tea towels (seems so appropriate for this post!).


  2. I am positively in love with that charming apron. I LOVE Anthro aprons. So cute.
    xxoo Josie



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